2013 Program

Bird Women of Algiers

Myriam Hammani / Algeria

This documentary tells the uncommon story of young rebellious Algerian single women living together in one flat in Algiers. The film brings forth themes of women's liberation through the eyes and hearts of these hard working women and shows how they deal with the modern times and politics of their country through their dreams, ambitions and courage.

Broken Dreams

Mohamed Harb, Haytham Fathy / Palestine & Egypt

The film tells the story of Darin, a 14–year-old Palestinian girl whose life is forever changed after her father loses his leg when his fishing boat is attacked in Gaza. Stepping out from behind her father’s shadow, Darin becomes her family’s main provider and courageously takes his place on the boat. She becomes the first professional fisherwoman in Gaza.

Girls of the Moon

Hiba Dhaouadi, Mohieddine Temimi / Tunisia

"Girls of the Moon" is about five girls who cannot go outside day because the Ultraviolet Rays _extremely coming from the Sun in Tunisia_ who heat their skin because of their genetic disease the "Xeroderma Pigmentosum",

The film follows the choices in live of four girls and a little girl suffering from a mortal disease but each has chosen her own way to survive and continue her life; it is the story of the battle of girls to fight against a big enemy that is haunting them for their entire lives. 

The Changing Map of Lebanon

George Tarabay, Elias Khalil / Lebanon  

Two bakers work in the same bakery in Beirut - one is Lebanese and the other is a newly arrived Syrian refugee.

This film provides a fresh look at the current situation in Lebanon during the Syrian civil war, a time in which Syrian refugees constitute of 30% of the total Lebanese population. This documentary focuses on the day-to-day survival and the clash of cultures through the lives of the three protagonists and their families.

Deadly Business

El kheyer Zidani / Algeria 

This documentary reveals the hardships faced by young Berber villagers whose only form of livelihood is stone-cutting in the quarry in the heart of the Algerian Desert. As a result of their work, many of them suffer from lung disease. The film will follow a dying young man, his still healthy workmate who refuses to quit his job, and the driver who voluntarily supplies the masks for the workers.

Wild Kids

Tal Pesses, Rotem Faran / Israel

Hidden behind heavy metal doors of an old Jerusalem bomb shelter, lies a tiny animation studio. Every week several children of Russian immigrants meet to create a colorful carnival of monsters and earthquakes. “Wild Kids" illuminates the subversive world of two talented teenage artists, Zalman and Aharon, through a period of adolescence as they discover their own identity. Zalman must decide whether to stay in Israel as Aharon strives for recognition of his radical artistic path. The studio leader, Max, lives art as an alternative way of life. The images they create together are integrated into their uncompromising world view.

Journey of a Superhero

Elad Rath / Israel

 Michael Netzer was one of the leading comic book artists in the USA. Today, he lives in Israel's West Bank, convinced he is a messenger of the Apocalypse. Michael is set on a journey that starts in Israel and continues into the comics conventions of America - on a mission to confront the comic establishment that excommunicated him and to save the world! 

Finding Harmony in the Holy land

Walid Sababa, Ghassan Bannoura / Palestine

This documentary follows the Palestinian filmmaker trying to bring two female artists, a Palestinian and an Israeli, to collaborate on a musical project. Their work will illustrate the complex issues that each artist faces in her own country, whether political, cultural, social, or personal.

Roots of Hatred

Abdul Rahman Loutfi / Lebanon

 Once there were two girlfriends in the city of Sidon, Lebanon – the Muslim mother of a young filmmaker now living in Sweden and her Jewish friend now living in Canada. Through their meeting today in Sidon, and through memories, testimonies, photographs and letters, the film evokes the times when Muslims and Jews lived in harmony, not too long ago. The film will strive to understand how and why this coexistence made way for animosity.

Saddam's Nuclear Scientist

Yacine Helali / Algeria

Dr Jafar, nicknamed ‘the father of the Iraqi bomb’, survived Saddam Hussein, the CIA, Mossad, UN weapons inspections and two Gulf Wars. Now, for the first time, he reveals the inside story of the nuclear weapons program that would obsess the world, and what is his life today. 


Othmane Balafrej, Oualid Ayoub / Morocco

In a pure observational manner this film follows the medical staff at the ER and its patients in the Rabat State Hospital, the largest hospital in Africa. Through this close observation, a detailed portrait of Moroccan society and its weaknesses will unfold.

She’s Revolution

Tarek Ibrahim / Tunisia

Wafa, the Tunisian woman, feminist and human rights activist, fights for a new democratic Tunisia, which has been governed for the past two years by the Islamists - her worst enemies.

This is My Land

Tamara Erde / Israel

This documentary film traces the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as it is presented and taught in the different education systems: The Israeli (national, Arab and religious) and the Palestinian systems through portraits of several history teachers and educators interviewed and filmed in their classrooms, during 2013.

The Good Samaritan

Hamza El Hachimy, Yasmine Bouqartacha / Morocco

The backdrop of this story is the misery of rural Morocco that missed the train to the future, and got stuck in the past. No clean water for some, no electricity for others, no work for most of them. In extreme weather situations they try to make the most of what they have. Yossef Ben-Meir, a doctor of Sociology from New Mexico who settled in Morocco, brings new hope. Having served in the Peace Corps and lived and studied the Moroccan field for so long, Yossef responds to the local needs by listening to the people and applying the customized solutions he crafted for each region and project.


Anas Gzenay, Sara Sellami / Morocco 

Far from the Far East and with no relation to natural disasters comes the story of a Moroccan pa, a famous wedding singer and a mother as well. This portrait documentary will follow "Tsunami" before and after the show, when the spotlights are off and real life in conservative Morocco appears.

Villages of the Absent

Omar Shami, Ola Shami / Lebanon

This poetic documentary depicts the slow passage of time in Ain Bal, a village inhabited by a small population of elderly people, a mute lady and a schizophrenic man; a village drowning in memories of its livelier past.