2009 Program

Five Broken Cameras

Emad Burnat & Guy Davidi / Palestine & Israel

When his son Gibreel is born, Emad, a Palestinian villager, gets his first camera. In his village - Bil'in, a separation barrier is being built on the villagers' lands, which the villagers begin to resist. Throughout the years Emad films the struggle lead by two of his friends while also filming life with his son growing. Very soon this struggle affects his life. Daily arrests and night raids scare his family; his friends, brothers and even Emad are either shot or arrested. One camera after another is shot or smashed. And with each camera a part of Emad's story unfolds.   

Farewell, Herr Schwarz

Yael Reuveny / Israel

Perhaps it's true that things can change in a day. That the outcome of a decision made by a brother and sister in 1945 can affect the course of whole lives, for decades to come. Farewell, Herr Schwarz (2013) is an epic documentary about stories that can be inherited like the color of your eyes. A personal journey between Israel and Germany: 1 missed-meeting, 2 families, 3 generations.


The War of Light

Melek Demir & Firat Demir / Turkey

Changing the world can sometimes start with a single act of kindness. Shukria’s hope was that with a secret school for girls who were officially banned from receiving an education in Taliban ruled Afghanistan. Today, while the schools rebuilding war-shattered infrastructure in ‘new’ Afghanistan, challenges remain in the drive to secure education for Afghan girls... This feature length documentary brings us a story of personal courage of Shukria and the little brave girls in their school year who demands their rights to have an equal chance in a society.

Bassam′s Files

Odett Orr & Youval Orr / Israel

Bassam Abu Shariff was one of the worst enemies of the State of Israel. For almost 40 years he has been standing at the most crucial cross roads in the bloody conflict in the Middle East. This proposed film tries to examine how a deadly terrorist overcomes a deep hatred and turns into a crusader of peace.



Hadil Nazmy & Louly Seif / Egypt


“Foreign” is a 52 min experimental documentary exploring the idea of the foreignness of people coming from different cultural contexts to each other; in that context it is the east and west. The film uses a historical story of intermarriage between a French man and an Egyptian woman as well as a modern day story of intermarriage between an Egyptian man and a Swiss woman.


Within The Family

Melike Aksit / Turkey


The story is about three women in Turkey. These women who are coming from different type of families, education levels and income levels, went through a similar phase: they were subjected to violence by their husbands. But, these women chose to speak up and they didn’t let the violence stay within family. One of the women, who help them, is in the story, as well. But, she also feels lost in the lives of violence victims. And this film is their emotional story.


Safe Haven

Ahmed Harb & Ghassan Bannoura / Palestine


An irony shared by two mothers; one is looking forward to leaving Gaza to a better, yet unknown country where she dreams of finding peace and a decent life for her and her family, and another mother who's left the United States after living there for twelve years, and came back to Gaza with her children, where she says she found in Gaza the security she's always wanted for her family. The two families show an incredible paradox where the same land that so many dream of fleeing, becomes a safe haven for others.


Ich Liebe Dich

Emine Emel Balci & Gökçe Işıl Tuna / Turkey


Ich Liebe Dich tells the story of peasant women from one of the most remote and impoverished parts of Turkey as they attempt to reunite with their migrant worker husbands in Germany. To comply with a new German immigration law, these women must learn German, if they want to join their husbands.



Mariam Mekiwi & Mohammad El-Assyouti / Egypt


3000 Lepers live in the City of lepers in Abu Za’bal near Cairo secluded from the city and its life, in a city with all of inhabitants are lepers what are the outside world inhabitants for them?


While Everyone Else Sleeps

Erdem Murat Çelikler / Turkey


While Everyone Else Sleeps tells the story of an extraordinary taxi driver who takes stunning photographs of homeless people without any training, while he works at nights. His only purpose is to create a public awareness for helping those people in need.


Dolphin Boy

Yonatan Nir, Dani Menkin & Judith Ramon-Manassen / Israel

Dolphin Boy tells the story of Morad, a young Arab-Israeli, who dissociated himself from reality due to a severe trauma. After he is taken by his father for dolphin therapy in the Red Sea, he is gradually brought back to life with the help of the ocean, the dolphins and the unconditional love of his father.



Wesam Mousa & Adi Adwan / Palestine

The film is a documentary film that focuses on children’s Games lives in Gaza during Nakba and Israeli siege, in addition to the revolutions and terrorism after Hamas control in Gaza.

Children had a difficulty to live their lives like other normal children. We used to play these games always without being bored. The reality was imprisoned between Arabic and Jewish and between a victim and victimizer.


Ameer Got His Gun

Naomi Levari & Saar Yogev / Israel

Ameer Abu Ria is about to go to the army. As opposed to the majority of 18-year-old boys in Israel, for whom army service is mandatory, Ameer is exempt from military service under the assumption that his enlistment might endanger Israel's security. That is because Ameer, an Israeli citizen, is a Moslem Arab. And yet, Ameer decided to volunteer. He believes that his induction is the way to equality, he believes this is the way to belong to the state he lives in, the state he wants to love.