2009 Program

Second Seminar
October 2009
Istanbul, Turkey

During the seminar, the participants continued to work on their proposals and their trailers – in order to get ready for the final pitching forum that will take place in December in Izmir, Turkey.
The prominent Finnish director and photographer Pirjo Honkasalo gave an inspiring master class. In the session, she focused on the her latest masterpiece "The 3 Rooms of Melancholia" and shared with the participants the elaborate process of making the film; the birth of an idea, research, the process of shooting and the stylization of her "fly on the wall" method of cinematography.

Finally she showed video materials documenting the latest mishaps in the real lives of the protagonists since the completion of the film (in what she referred to as "The 4th Room of Melancholia"). In relation to her film "Tanjuska and the Seven Devils" Honkasalo discussed ethical issues concerning the stance of the filmmaker facing extreme human experiences. In addition she shared with the audience a sneak gaze at her latest film "Ito, a Diary of an Urban Priest" (not yet released) which provoked a debate on the boundaries of fiction and documentary.

In preparation for the final pitching forum in December, the filmmakers presented their projects in front of the mentors, Greenhouse partners – Dorit Inbar & Antonio Saura, the Greenhouse team and producer Serge Gordey.