2006 Program

Not Quite the Taliban

Fadi Hindash / Jordan 

Not Quite the Taliban is a documentary about one man's frustration with his generation of young "modern" Arabs who appear Western, but are more conservative than the traditional Arabs. While there are many films about hypocrisy in the Middle East made by Western filmmakers, Not Quite the Taliban is the first to be made by an Arab who has put himself on the line by speaking up about the taboos. The film chronicles the journey of Fadi, a young Arab filmmaker, as he makes a documentary about the double standards in Dubai, the place he's called home all his life and the flagship of Arab modernity where covered women walk side by side with call girls everyone pretends aren't there. It is a contradictory world of Arabs whose lives revolve around work, shopping and clubbing. Educated Arabs who laugh at their inability to construct one full sentence in Arabic but use their traditions as an excuse to deny what happens behind closed doors. Fadi Hindash confronts the contemporary generation of 'westernized' Arabs with a taboo. What happens when you reveal your sexual orientation to those 'modern' Arabs?

The Road Not Taken

Etgar Keret & Ran Tal / Israel

Etgar, the director, goes on a personal journey following the life his family might have led had his father moved to New Zealand, instead of pursuing his Zionist vision. Would his sister still have become an Ultra-Orthodox Jew and his brother still have moved to Thailand?

The Trip of Light and Color

Doghri Fathi & Mohieddine Temimi / Tunisia


3 Artists (Paul Klee, August Macke & Louis Moilliet) in a trip to Tunisia 1914, to find more about light, color, people, identity and style. "What did they find out about themselves through looking at us?"

10949 Women

Nassima Guessoum / Algeria


Algerian women remember their youth when they joined the rebels during the Algerian war.

In Algeria I meet Nassima Hablal, a forgotten heroine of the Revolution. She was the secretary of the political head of the FLN, National Front of Liberation. Like a grandmother with her granddaughter, the old charming lady, tells me her story of a woman in the war, her fight for an independent Algeria. Every year I come back to visit her.

My Name is Ahlam

Rima Essa & Claudia Levin / Palestine & Israel

While fighting for her five-year-old daughter's right to receive adequate treatment for her leukemia, Aisha - a Palestinian woman living in the West Bank, undergoes a process of empowerment. Suddenly, this battered woman is no longer afraid to stand up to her husband, to her occupiers, to the authorities and to anyone who is in the way of her daughter's path to health. Director Rima Essa brings to the screen a unique testimonial that avoids self-pity and victimization, focusing instead on Aisha's process of empowerment.

Shoe Shine

Huseyin Karabey & Aharon Shem-Tov / Turkey & Israel

Two filmmakers with a Kurdish background, one from Turkey, the other from Israel, set out on a journey to discover their families' common histories, through the unfortunate fate of Kurdish children, living on the streets of Istanbul.

Will You Marry Me?

Somnur Vardar & Berke Bas / Turkey

Three mixed couples trying to live their lives in Istanbul, while their pasts, customs, families and society put their love to the test.


Mohanad Yakoby & Sami Said / Palestine

A Journey of young Palestinians through 500 checkpoints spread across 220 km in the West Bank, in search of an anchovy pizza.

On the Way to School

Orhan Eskiköy & Ozgur Dogan / Turkey

One year in the life of a Turkish teacher, teaching the Turkish language to Kurdish children in a remote village in Turkey. The children can't speak Turkish, the teacher can't speak Kurdish and is forced to become an exile in his own country.

On the Way to School is a film about a Turkish teacher who is alone in a village as an authority of the state, and about his interaction with the Kurdish children who have to learn Turkish. The film witnesses the communication problem emphasizing the loneliness of a teacher in a different community and culture; and the changes brought up by his presence into this different community during one year. The film chronicles one school year, starting from September 2007 until the departure of the teacher for summer holiday in June 2008. During this period, they begin to know and understand each other mutually and slowly.