2016 GH Film Series

Following the success of the 2015 retrospective of Greenhouse filmsthe JBFC held another Greenhouse Film Series in 2016, which was held from March 20-24, 2016. The selected Greenhouse films wereTrapped by Law’ by Sami Mustafa from Kosovo, ‘In the Dark’ by Goran Stankovic from Serbia, ‘Ich Liebe Dich’ by Emine Emel Balci and Gökçe Işıl Tuna from Turkey, and 'Dolphin Boy' by Yonatan Nir and Dani Menkin from Israel.


Trapped by Law

Sami Mustafa / Kosovo, 2015

An odyssey, coming of age and family separation story of two brothers filmed in course of five years since the law of “forced reintegration” have been signed between Kosovo and Germany and other EU states. Kefaet and Selami, two young brothers and rap artists grew up in the hip-hop culture in Essen/Germany. Kefaet was born in Kosovo and taken by his parents to Germany at the age of four. He was married and has two children. Selami was born in Essen and has never been to Kosovo at all. During a dramatic night in March 2010, they are deported to Kosovo, a complete unknown country to them. Separated from their family and friends they try to cope with their situation and do everything in their power to return to Germany. But administration and asylum laws are standing in their way. 


In the Dark

Goran Stankovic / Serbia, 2014

The narrative of 'In the Dark' is centered around a father and son in a traditional mining family as Davor, the son, refuses to follow the family tradition and tries to find a way to leave his job and hometown.

 Ich Liebe Dich

Emine Emel Balci & Gökçe Işıl Tuna / Turkey, 2012

Ich Liebe Dich tells the story of peasant women from one of the most remote and impoverished parts of Turkey as they attempt to reunite with their migrant worker husbands in Germany. To comply with a new German immigration law, these women must learn German, if they want to join their husbands.


Dolphin Boy

Dani Menkin, Yonatan Nir & Judith Ramon-Manassen, Israel, 2011  

Dolphin Boy tells the story of Morad, a young Arab-Israeli, who dissociated himself from reality due to a severe trauma. After he is taken by his father for dolphin therapy in the Red Sea, he is gradually brought back to life with the help of the ocean, the dolphins and the unconditional love of his father.