2017 Greenhouse Film Series

Greenhouse Showcase at the Jacob Burns Film Center, April 23-27



Othmane Balafrej, Morocco, 2016

Sbitar is a pure observational manner film follows the medical staff at the ER and its patients in the Rabat State Hospital, the largest hospital in Africa. Through this close observation, a detailed portrait of Moroccan society and its weaknesses unfold.

The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev

Tal Barda & Noam Pinchas, Israel, 2016 


A story about a Tajik musical family, based in Israel, that is led by a charismatic, funny, and controlling grandfather, whose son blindly obeys him, and whose daughter left yet desperately wants to return.

At 80, Papa is losing his grip on the family and unwillingly starting to step down from his throne, while the family tries to survive this rigid and unsure transition from Monarchy to democracy. 

Nazareth Cinema Lady

Nurit Jacobs Yinon, Israel, 2015

Safa Dabour, a religious Muslim from Nazareth, is struggling to fulfill her dream of establishing a cinematheque in Nazareth, the first and only one of its kind for the Arab population in Israel.Safa's father and husband die while she is still a young mother to two small boys. She chooses to take charge of her own fate and freedom and establishes the Cinematheque in an old building donated many years ago by Frank Sinatra to the Arab and Jewish children of Nazareth as a sign of friendship and peace. It was all downhill from there.

 Hard Change

Badran Badran & Yoad Earon, Israel, 2017

Two young Palestinian brothers, Yichia (14-years-old) and Hamam (8-years-old), living in Tul Karem are forced to grow-up too fast, to give up going to school and children’s play and instead work as street beggars in Wadi Arah Israel to support their family. Hamam, the youngest, tries to avoid the hard work and play while his elder brother Yichia, dreams of a better future.