Tribeca Film Institute

The Tribeca Film Institute is a year-round nonprofit arts organization, which empowers filmmakers with over $1.2 million in annual grants and professional development, and it is also a resource and supporter of individual artists in the field.

Since 2012, Greenhouse has maintained an ongoing collaboration with the prestigious Tribeca Film Institute, through which Greenhouse filmmakers are presented with an award, providing them the opportunity to participate in the festival and benefit from the various possibilities offered in the Festival and the Tribeca Industry Meetings.

As part of the collaboration between TFI and Greenhouse

TFI contributes a $10,000 development grant to filmmakers from the Greenhouse Program ■ The filmmakers are invited to the Tribeca Film Festival, and take part in the TFI Filmmaker/Industry Meetings - a market initiative between TFI grantees and Decision Makers during the festival, through which they can access training and guidance from industry leaders, while partaking in meetings arranged with the most relevant resources to propel their films ■ The filmmakers are entitled to a delegate pass allowing access to events at the festival