2015 Award

TFI awarded Greenhouse graduates Burcu Melekoglu and Vuslat Karan from Turkey for their project 'Blue ID', and Sarra Abidi from Tunisia for her project 'The Dead Can't Vote' with Guidance from industry leaders, while partaking in meetings with the most relevant resources at the Tribeca Film Institute Industry Meetings.


Blue ID

Burcu Melekoglu and Vuslat Karan / Turkey, 2014

A transgender man struggles with self-realization and acceptance in traditional society of Turkey. Constrained by identification cards color-coded for gender, will he finally be considered for a Blue ID? 


The Dead can't Vote

Sarra Abidi / Tunisia, 2012

Away from the revolutionary euphoria, the director returns to her hometown Gabes, both big city and symbol of the richness of the Tunisian South, to shoot fledgling democracy facing the problem of chemical pollution.