2016 Award

TFI awarded Mina Keshavarz from Iran with her project 'Braving the Waves', and Hind Bensari from Morocco, with her project 'Weight Throwers' to take part in the Tribeca Film Institute Industry Meetings, April 18-20, 2016. 

The two filmmakers were invited to the Tribeca Film Festival, and took part in the TFI Filmmaker/Industry Meetings, a market initiative between TFI grantees and decision-makers during the festival, through which they accessed training and guidance from industry leaders, while partaking in meetings arranged with the most relevant resources to propel their films.


Braving the Waves  

Mina Keshavarz / Iran, 2014/15

This is the story of Roghieh, a woman in Southern Iran who is trying to secure jobs for women in her community through a Bazaar she established and runs. While over 800 women work in the Bazaar, a local politician, the mayor, threatens her with his desire to destroy the bazar and build a big shopping mall in its place.



Hind Bensari / Morocco, 2014/15

In the deprived neighborhoods of Safi, Morocco’s most important industrial port, Azzedine, a Seated Shots World Record holder, and his trainee Youssef, a mentally disabled want-to-be athlete, dedicate themselves to sport. They have the goal to make it to the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, which they hope will change the way they are perceived at home.