2012 Award

I, She, We

Rim Majidi / Morocco,

What do a Swedish tree-climbing veiled girl and her cousin, a frightened Moroccan cousin filmmaker, have in common? A lot in fact, as both of them are obsessed by Islam – from two different point-of-views. In a winding cinematic journey from Sweden to Morocco and back, the two will embark on a spiritual quest. Discussions, laughs and quarrels will be exchanged during their search for answers to questions and doubts concerning religious commitment. 

Archive Fever 

Karnit Mandel / Israel, 2012

In 1982, during the first Lebanon war, a Palestinian film archive disappears. 30 years later, 117 Palestinian films rolls are found by an Israeli filmmaker in an Israeli film archive. She embarks on a journey to find people who were filmed and return the lost footage, while confronting obstacles from both Israeli and Palestinians.


The Beetle School

Hajar Setta / Morocco, 2012

In the desert, on the border between Mali and Mauritania, a nomadic school for Tuareg children thrives in the refugee camp. The school is initiated by a former rebel and against all odds; the children and their families reaffirm their Tuareg culture and identity despite the ravages of war and genocides.


The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev

Tal Barda & Noam Pinchas / Israel, 2012

A story about a Tajik musical family, based in Israel, that is led by a charismatic, funny, and controlling grandfather, whose son blindly obeys him, and whose daughter left yet desperately wants to return.
At 80, Papa is losing his grip on the family and unwillingly starting to step down from his throne, while the family tries to survive this rigid and unsure transition from Monarchy to democracy.


Women of the Spring 

Khdeija Lemkecher & Moslah Kraiem / Tunisia, 2012

It is a film about a revolution made by women. Two women, their lives, feelings and fights before, during and after the Tunisian Revolution. Did they win or lose in their fight for change? Or have they participated in the creation of another dictatorship worse than the one before?