Hot Docs and the Blue Ice Group

Hot Docs and the Blue Ice Group is a grant program providing financial support to African documentary filmmakers for development and production.

In 2012, Greenhouse, Hot Docs and the Blue Ice Group announced the first partnership, which took place at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival, the largest festival of its kind in North America, in May 2013.

The selected filmmakers met with decision makers at Hot Docs Deal Maker and other marketplace initiatives, received a delegate pass allowing access to all the main events at the festival, joined the Blue Ice Grantees for a program of workshops and sessions.

2012 Award


Temporal Joy

Tamer Al Jamal & Mohamed Abu Sido / Gaza, Palestine, 2012

An inquiry film about how the prescription drug Tramadol, famous in Gaza, is misused and has devastating effects for individuals and the community. 'Temporal Joy" deals with the community's post-addiction future.
The film follows the lives of five characters who live in Gaza and are connected with each other by the addictive drug. Tramal is for each of them, each in their own way, the most important thing in their lives. By showing the lives of the characters, the film shows the reality of drug addiction and how it affects Gazan life and society on many levels.


Where the Deserts Meets Mountains

Said Saad Eddine / Morocco, 2012

Where the Desert Meets Mountainsis a sentimental and intimate documentary that highlights the last nomadic families in their community and stunning environment. The documentary also shares the memories and stories of a nomad who left his old way of living decades ago to settle in the industrial Casablanca. The parallel between these two stories and  environments draw a picture of a dying community in a society that is in perpetual transition between a traditional way of life and modernity.



Archive Fever

Karnit Mandel / Israel, 2012

In 1982, during the first Lebanon war, a Palestinian film archive disappears. 30 years later, 117 Palestinian films rolls are found by an Israeli filmmaker in an Israeli film archive. The filmmaker embarks on a journey to find people who were filmed and return the lost footage, while confronting obstacles from both Israelis and Palestinians.  



Women of the Spring

Khdeija Lemkecher & Moslah Kraiem / Tunisia, 2012

'Women of the Spring' is about a revolution made by women. The story follows two women, their lives, feelings and fights before, during and after the Tunisian Revolution. Did they win or lose in their fight for change? Or have they participated in the creation of another dictatorship worse than the one before?