Middle East Now Film Festival

Middle East Now Film Festival (MENFF) in Florence, Italy, is a festival of cinema, documentaries and visual arts on the contemporary Middle East.

In 2012 MENFF and GH initiated a partnership; every year various activities are designed with GH graduates as part of GH's cooperation with the festival. 

The festival is a vibrant boutique festival, with great appeal to the general public and to the press, and has established itself as a platform to showcase what is new in Middle Eastern contemporary cinema and culture. 

As part of the cooperation between MENFF and Greenhouse

Greenhouse films are screened at the festival including Q&A sessions with the filmmakers and discussions with local audience ■ A presentation about the Greenhouse Program and its activities in the Middle East & North Africa is presented ■ Greenhouse doc labs are provided for local filmmakers, done mainly in one-to-one sessions and dedicated to the development of documentary projects ■ Filmmakers receive tutoring on trailers and financing ■ Directors/producers have the opportunity to meet international experts in the world of documentary filmmaking, receive practical advice on the development of their projects, on the presentation of their trailers and potential fundraising channels.