2015 MENFF

Showcase of Greenhouse Films followed by a discussion and Q&A

Three GH films were selected to participate in the 2015 festival edition: '10949 Women' by Nassima Gouessoum from Algeria, 'This is My Land' by Tamara Erde from Israel, 'Ich Liebe Dich' by Emine Emel Balci and Gokce Isil Tuna from Turkey. The attending filmmakers, along with GH's Director Sigal Yehuda, held Q&A sessions at the end of each screening, during which they discussed the process of making their films, as well as their experiences in Greenhouse and the impact the program has had on their filmmaking.


10949 Femmes

Nassima Guessoum / Algeria, 2014

Algerian women remember their youth when they joined the rebels during the Algerian war.
In Algeria I meet Nassima Hablal, a forgotten heroine of the Revolution. She was the secretary of the political head of the FLN, National Front of Liberation. Like a grandmother with her granddaughter, the old charming lady, tells me her story of a woman in the war, her fight for an independent Algeria. Every year I come back to visit her.


This is my Land

Tamara Erde / Israel, 2014

"This is my Land" - How do the Palestinian and Israeli (Arab and Jewish) education systems teach the history of their nations? The film follows several Israeli and Palestinian teachers over one academic year. Through observing their exchanges and confrontations with students, debates with the ministries curriculum and its restrictions, the viewers obtain an intimate glimpse into the profound and long lasting effect that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict transmits onto the next generation.


Ich Liebe Dich

Emine Emel Balci & Gökçe Işıl Tuna / Turkey,2012

"Ich Liebe Dich" tells the story of peasant women from one of the most remote and impoverished parts of Turkey as they attempt to reunite with their migrant worker husbands in Germany. To comply with a new German immigration law, these women must learn German, if they want to join their husbands.