2013 MENFF

Showcase of Greenhouse Films & Documentary Workshops

A showcase of three Greenhouse films were selected to participate in the 2013 edition of the MENFF festival, including a world premiere of a 2011 Greenhouse documentary 'In the Name of the Brother' by Youssef Ait Mansur from Morocco, 'Duma' by Abeer Zeibak Haddad from Palestine, and 'The Invisible Men' by Yariv Mozer from Israel.
Following the screening the Greenhouse mentors, experts and team lead a Documentary workshops, reflecting the Greenhouse activities over the past seven years. The mentors discussed the working methods and structure of the Greenhouse Program, and the importance of the dialog forged between filmmakers from the Middle East and North Africa.


In the Name of the Brother

Youssef Ait Mansou / Morocco, 2013

"In the Name of the Brother" - My younger brother Mustapha disappeared for one years. He cut any contact with us, his family. We lived then in fear and distress. One evening, after his long absence, my mother received a phone call. He had settled down in the Madrasa Nahlia, a Koranic school of religious teaching in the mountains, 90 km from Marrakesh. We went to meet him, my mother and I. I will tell our story through a monologue in the form of a letter, from me to my brother, evoking his absence whilst capturing childhood memories, and through observing his current life, and recounting the simplicity, austerity and serenity of the Madrasa Nahlia. 


The Invisible Men

Yariv Mozer / Israel, 2012

"The Invisible Men" tells the untold story of persecuted gay Palestinians, who have run away from their families and are now hiding illegally in Tel Aviv. Their stories are told through the film's heroes: Louie, 32 years old, a gay Palestinian who has been hiding in Tel Aviv for the past 8 years; Abdu, 24 years old, who was exposed as gay in Ramallah and then accused of espionage and tortured by Palestinian security forces; Faris, 23 years old, who escaped to Tel Aviv from the West Bank after his family tried to kill him. Their only chance for survival is to seek asylum outside Israel and Palestine and leave their homelands forever behind. 



Abeer Zeibak Haddad / Israel & Palestine, 2011

"Duma" (dolls in Arabic) is based on stories of sexual abuse in Arab society in Israel. Abeer, the creator of a puppet theater show that deals with the subject of sexual abuse during childhood, decides to take her camera and journey from the north to the south of the country and document women who have experienced sexual violence. In her journey she meets four women, who dare to reveal the sexual abuse they endured in their close circle of family and friends. They all look for a way to express their pain and to break the silence that was imposed on them by their relatives and by society.