Maryam Ebrahimi 

Stronger than a Bullet


The most amazing and distinct aspect of the Greenhouse development program is that it is the only well-known platform in the region that helps filmmakers from countries that have some of the heaviest political conflicts, to gather and share their experience.

The program helps filmmakers and artists work together freely, beyond all the boundaries created by nationalism, different political ideologies and religion.

As a filmmaker coming from Iran, it was a fantastic experience to work with other filmmakers coming from countries like Israel, far from censorship and conflicts.

There are so many strong stories and a fantastic potential for documentary filmmaking in this region, but the lack of pitch training, international networking and financial support stop many filmmakers from continuing their projects. The Greenhouse development program is an opportunity for filmmakers in this region to find this international network and it paves the way for young talented filmmakers to come to the international market and receive a wide-range of broadcast opportunities.