Sahra Mani
A Thousand Girls Like Me


My name is Sahra Mani; I am a filmmaker from Afghanistan. I had the chance to join GreenHouse production development from 2014-2015.

We had three workshops with GreenHouse. They were great opportunities for me to build my career as a filmmaker.

I have met other filmmakers from different countries with their own film projects. I have learnt a lot from them as well as from the mentors.

It was my first time to meet filmmakers from Israel and Palestine together. I found out how both sides are suffering from the war the same as we suffer from the war in Afghanistan.

We had some good lectures about cinema and documentaries by professional filmmakers. GH had invited other filmmakers from the region. They discussed their problems and shared experiences about the field of documentaries. It was very useful to know how other filmmakers deal with their difficulties and use this opportunity to make a good film.

GH helped me make a very good trailer and trained me for pitching. Finally I had a pitch and found some opportunities for my film, such as finding a good editor, distributer and co-producer to continue my post -production at the highest level.

Still I am in contact with the director of GH, Sigal, and my mentor, Bruni, if I need to make any important decisions about my film.