Hind Bensari

We Could be Heroes 


I applied to the 2014 Greenhouse Program to develop my first documentary which was at a very early research stage. The program gave me an invaluable training in writing a professional proposal and pitching, but also it gave me an incredible visibility into the international documentary industry in ways I couldn’t have achieved on my own.

The evolution and planning of the seminars allowed us to have clear paths and objectives to carry out our subject, and made us feel less alone during our research process.

In the first seminar, we were assigned a group and a mentor with whom we discussed our project, its shortcomings, and we benefited a lot from hearing each other’s opinions on our films. Discussions with our mentor were clearly geared towards turning our subject into a story for a film.

Every session had a clear purpose and was carefully curated. The cinema classes in the first seminar were also a very helpful introduction into documentary genres that were similar to the themes we were working on. These sessions were very inspirational and helped me think more creatively about the way I could treat my story.

In the course of the second and final sessions, we were encouraged to work hard to present the best possible material for our final pitch. I felt that I benefited a lot from this trainin. The mentors, coordinators and program managers were always an email away to answer any questions and help to the best of their abilities. What was very helpful was the feedback we were constantly confronted with, as well as the networking opportunity we were given. First with other filmmakers in the region, and also with professionals whom we met in a relaxed and friendly environment where they had time to talk to us and share their experience and honest impressions with us.

I feel that my film’s fundraising process has benefited from being associated with Greenhouse, my proposal, cinema culture and pitching abilities are also a lot more professional thanks to this program.
I would recommend it to any young filmmaker in the region.