Burcu Melekoglu and Vuslat Karan
Blue ID


As first time feature filmmakers in a region where support and guidance is very hard to find, GH was like finding the right place for us and that was very comforting.

The lectures in the seminars helped us see the bigger picture of documentary film making and the master classes were inspirational. Most importantly, working with the mentors greatly helped our film's creative process by making us more focused. We had the opportunity to go into details of every aspect of the story to figure out what worked best. Being in group sessions with other filmmakers who go through the same experiences and face similar struggles, has taught us how helpful it is to listen, share and collaborate and allowed us to appreciate that this spirit is one of the things that make documentaries very special for us.

GH's final pitching seminar is setup in a very efficient and helpful way in terms of hands on help in all areas from the pitching trailers with great editors to preparations by pitching experts. The guests and buyers were keen to help even if they cannot support your specific project. This atmosphere of support and trust led us to sincere networking relationships that we are sure will help us through our entire careers beyond this film.

We are positive that GH will continue to meet the needs of the filmmakers by encouraging them towards more group discussions in the seminars, teaching them how to sustain the industry relationships they build throughout their careers and by keeping the human connection as the core of the program as it currently is.

Vuslat Karan and Burcu Melekoglu