Yakout Elhababi
Behind the Doors


Greenhouse is a unique program, one of the most constructive and helpful, experiences I  have had: Our projects are supported and supervised and bridges are created between people.

We understand the expectations of the audience with the written proposal and trailer as a concrete goal. I met friends, mostly a new family; it felt like a school experience with a stimulating dynamic group.

In GH, the three seminars are a very good idea; it could be longer than five days, but rather three times than one longer seminar, because we are followed for almost a year which is a "luxury" that brings commitment somehow. We have time to write and re-write, study and discuss our films possibilities, we were pushed to go further and further…

We have time to get to know each other, we are also involved long term with all the GH crew and participants, the bounds are stronger. So a diversity group of filmmakers coming from different counties and culture is an excellent way to move forward, it brings different levels, we are driven up by major projects, and the dialogue opens new areas for us.

We are aware of what's possible in a more grounded film structures. The differences in the progress of each project, and the stage in the participant's careers is also a great point for Greenhouse, since there are people that truly wants to guide you, and this supportive community creates a non-competitive climate.

GH brings you methodology, talking about your project, pitching, and all this precious information offers you your autonomy on what to do for your entire career.

Yakout Lahbabi