Abeer Zeibak Hadad


Palestine & Israel

I view the Greenhouse program as a professional family that has the potential of growth and development. I experienced my participation in the project through this particular angle, and I still view myself as an integral part of it. For so long, I’ve been planning to make my film, Duma, about sexual assault against women in the Arab society. I received funding for my film. However, I did not find a welcoming cooperation. Most of the answers that I received were much like: “You won’t be able to find an Arab woman that would take part in your film”.

On the first seminar in Greenhouse, we were given an assignment – to come to the second seminar with a filmed material. I was stressed out and under lots of pressure and panic. I understood that I had no choice, and that I had to start filming. I have no clue what would have happened to me had I not participated in Green House or had I not had to withstand the pressure of the timetable between the first and the second seminars – maybe I wouldn’t have made the film, Duma, until this very day.

Today, I am about to finish my second documentary film. I know that the things I received in Greenhouse continue to accompany me on my journey. Throughout the making of the second film, it was highly significant for me to share watching the rough cut with the Greenhouse executives, and listen to the important notes and insights of Sigal Yehuda and Yair Lev.

I believe that this professional family will continue to accompany me in future projects, actively or distantly, with the entire load that I have.

Abir Zeibak Haddad