Motaz Habbash

My Home is a Music School


I was not a director before coming to Greenhouse, but actually arrived at the seminars with a mission to represent the project of one of another Palestinian director who was unable to attend.  Thanks to this I discovered this great program and team, full of positivity and always willing to help; especially my mentor, who was full of experience, love and support; she was very inspirational, creative and very supportive.
Thanks to my participation in the program and my work with other filmmakers from the region I learnt many things about myself as a filmmaker and about the world of cinema; I got the chance to experience very valuable and unique experiences, and one of the most unique experiences I had in Greenhouse was the pitching forum event; it was very special, and that gave me the confidence to continue working on our film.
I think GH is a very smart and practical program that helps guide the filmmakers while working on their projects and provides them with almost all the tools needed to start a film project; and all this is done in a nice environment and atmosphere. GH provides an opportunity for filmmakers from the region, they wouldn't get even in their schools, like in Palestine, where there aren't such opportunities. It's also important to meet with different filmmakers from different nationalities and develop your project in this professional environment.