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GH Development Program

Over the past twelve years, we have supported and promoted hundreds of outstanding Middle Eastern and North African filmmakers. We believe in the enormous power of documentary filmmakers to tell great stories, engage, educate and connect individuals, and bring about meaningful change.

We established Greenhouse in order to help strengthen the documentary storytelling capacity in our region; to create a unique meeting-point for artists, who rarely have any opportunities to meet and forge personal and professional ties; and to connect our emerging filmmakers with the international documentary film market. Greenhouse films have tremendous potential for social engagement and lasting impact, and encompass diverse themes, touching upon issues concerning human rights, social justice and gender discrimination.


All of us strive to make the world we live in a better place. History teaches us that accomplishing that simple but Olympian task requires taking an endless number of small but significant steps. Working with cinema school graduates, young emerging filmmakers and young people with the potential of becoming our region's future cultural leaders at the early stages of their development is one such step.

Please join Greenhouse in helping to build a peaceful future for our troubled corner of the world.