2016-2017 Program

Beach Boys

Abdelhadi Azrhirh / Morocco

“Beach Boys” intimately follow some young Moroccan men from Taghazout and Agadir scouring the beaches daily in hopes of finding their dream girl- a foreign woman will fall wildly in love with them, propose marriage and invite them to live the ‘perfect’ romantic life back home with them in Europe, Australia or America.

Chronicle of a Family

A documentary discovering the mechanisms behind the endoctrinement of young Tunisians boys into fighting in Syria.


Dumbuto's Women

Didem Sahin / Turkey

The film centers on a group of women, victims of 'circumcision', from a remote village in Gambia who form a theater group. Through their plays, they fight ignorance and misogyny while trying to protect their daughters from having a similar fate.


I Promise

Shilan Saadi / Iran

'I Promise' tells the story of the escape, friendship, life and immigration of seven Yazidi girls, who took shelter in a Turkish refugee camp, after ISIS invaded their hometown of Sinjar, and are now separated and live in different countries. 

Iraqi Souls

Adel Khaled / Iraq

Three Baghdadi playwrights reunite in Belgium after years as refugees. The three friends fight alienation on stage and in the streets in order to fulfil their dreams.


Kabul Dystopian Symphony

Aboozar Amini / Afghanistan

The film takes you on a visual journey of Kabul through the eyes of the passengers. Despite the confusion and desperate caused by the dark shadow of endless war, people carry tiny but persistent and priceless dreams in a city where the opium and human life is the cheapest of the world.

Lost Childhood

David Wachsmann / Israel

This film crosses the threshold into the disturbing and harsh reality of Palestinian children detained in Israeli prisons. These children (700 children per year) are subjected to interrogations, verbal and physical abuse, prevention of food and sleep deprivation. While exposing this cruel mechanism of child punishment, the film will investigate the enormous influence prison experience has on these children's minds and souls.

My Home is a Music School

Wesam Mousa & Motaz Habbash / Palestine

This film tells the story of Abu Ahmed who converted his house in a poor refugee camp in the Gaza Strip to a music school in which he teaches the camp's children to play various instruments. In the reality of hardship and neglect, he provides his talented pupils the means to become musicians against all odds.



Ekin Çalışır / Turkey

Beats-n-Pieces, set in the last pided capital of the world, Nicosia in Cyprus, follows two streetwise teenage dancers, who grow up next to the military strip on different sides, and now want to reach the other. Will they be able cross through the visible and invisible walls that pide this sunny island? 



Rafah Crossing-Deportation Room

Mohamed Harb / Palestine

This film reflects the reality of the Palestinian’s daily life in Gaza. One part of the city is on Gaza territory, the other part on the Egyptian side. The border crossing is most of the time closed.



Rajada Dalka

Hana Mire / United Arab Emirates

The fearless women who form Somalia’s National Basketball team fight to overcome immense challenges in their groundbreaking journey to compete at the Pan Arab Games in Cairo, Egypt this summer.



Mahassine El Hachadi / Morocco

During last year's Ramadan, just after the last prayer of the day, a young homosexual was lynched by an angry crowd. This film takes this event as a starting point to highlight the increasing violence in Moroccan society.


Shouting at the Wind

A coming-of-age story of Meysam, an adolescent from Tehran slums, whose dream is to change his destiny through music and become a voice for the voiceless. To make his voice heard he must overcome difficult obstacles; poverty, widespread delinquency, a reluctant family who fear their son's underground music would get them in trouble. their misery.

The Forbidden Terrain

Mohammad Ranjbar / Afghanistan

Forbidden Terrain tells the story of Commander Fatima and a group of young Afghan women who join the National Army. Working as a woman in a traditional society like Afghanistan‘s is not easy, and working as woman in the military holds particular challenges.


The Inheritance

Juna Suleiman & Vadim Dumesh / Palestine & Israel

Through the eyes of the high spirited main character of Saeda Kabaha the humorous and intimate documentary “The Inheritance” unveils the hidden complexities of the Palestinian society. It is a heartfelt and deep observation of a fragile Palestinian super-woman and her surreal quest seeking justice for a rundown nation.

The River of Tales 

Hiba Chaari / Morocco


“The river of tales” is an engaging essay and a discovery journey led by Hiba, a new Moroccan movie director who’s searching for her childhood folktales around her country.