Greenhouse is a Development Program for Documentary Filmmakers from the Middle East and North Africa


Greenhouse is a groundbreaking initiative positioned at the intersection of media, social change and peace-building.

The program nurtures a diverse and sustainable community of young documentary filmmakers, helping them develop the necessary skills to create powerful films that advance a more just, democratic and peaceful region.

For 12 years, Greenhouse operated in the MENA region, sustaining its critical role as a meeting point for regional filmmakers, creating a community of documentary filmmakers that are committed to dialogue and reconciliation. As a result, the program supported and promoted cultural exchanges between the participating countries, by underlining both common values and inherent cultural diversity. Greenhouse's unique methodology can be replicated and used with communities of filmmakers in other regions too.



In 12 years of activity, Greenhouse has trained more than 200 filmmakers from the Middle East, North Africa and Europe, guiding them in the process of extraordinary films and using them as a catalyst for creating more open and just societies. The core elements that make up Greenhouse have proven to be a winning combination, and the results speak for themselves: Of 158 film concepts subjected to the full Greenhouse process, more than 50 films have been completed, one film was nominated for Best Documentary at the American Academy Awards and won an International Emmy Award, and 30% of our graduates are in advanced stages of production. This is an extraordinarily high completion rate for a documentary development program, and a reflection of our enormous investment in ensuring that our films get made and funded. Greenhouse films, such as 'Those Who Said No', '10,949 Women', 'This is My Land', 'On the Way to School', 'A Film Unfinished', 'Five Broken Cameras' and others, explore a rich diversity of socially relevant issues and have had a concrete and lasting impact in the region and around the world.  


Greenhouse's participants benefit from the prestige, professional ties and high profile of the program, which enable them to have easier access to the international documentary market and greater chances in exposing their films. Greenhouse's participants and graduates have many opportunities to meet with key industry players on an international level and gain development and subsequently production grants for their films, from the most prestigious film funds in the world, such as The Sundance Documentary Fund, Tribeca Film Institute, Chicken & Egg (for Women filmmakers), IDFA Bertha Foundation, Al-Jazeera, Arte-ZDF, PBS and others.


Greenhouse is a documentary development hub and a regional community of filmmakers. The groundbreaking program is positioned at the intersection of media, social change and peace-building and aims to nurture the next generation of documentary filmmakers from across the Middle East and North Africa. Greenhouse films are screened world-wide at the most prestigious venues and offer international audiences an inside look at what really goes on in the region. We invite you to join our ever-growing community of filmmakers, apply with your film projects, or support the program's activities to help our filmmakers create powerful documentaries and serve as social agents in the MENA region.







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