Baglar - World Premiere in !F Film Festival

By Berke Bas & Melis Birder from Turkey

 World Premiere to Baglar in !F Film Festival Istanbul, 2016

' Baglar' by Berke Bas & Melis Birder from Turkey, was supported by the Sundance Documentary Film Program had it's world premiere in the !F Film Festival Istanbul, 2016. Berke and Melis, who participated in the 2010 Greenhouse Program on the theme of racism & human rights, are both Media Studies graduates from the New School for Social Research, New York, and co-founders of inHouse Projects production company. They are also authors of a number of award-winning documentaries.


An underdog basketball team from hard scrabble Diyarbakir in Southeastern Turkey goes beyond winning games in their mission to rise above prejudice, poverty and political turmoil, all created by the decades long conflict between the Turkish state and Kurdish rebels, fighting for local autonomy and cultural rights.