Greenhouse Films at the Middle East Now Film Festival

Another inspiring year of collaboration between Greenhouse and the MENFF, in Florence, April 2016

Greenhouse Films at the Middle East Now Film Festival, April 2016!

We are proud to announce the fourth year of the inspiring collaboration between Greenhouse and the Middle East Now Film Festival, which took place in Florence, Italy April 7-10, 2016. This year, two Greenhouse films and a work in progress from the current Greenhouse program, were selected to participate in the 2016 festival edition.

The Greenhouse program in the festival included screenings of 'Baglar' (2015) by Berke Bas and Melis Birder from Turkey who participated in the 2010 Greenhouse Program; 'Sbitar' (2016) by Othmane Balafrej from Morocco, who participated in the 2013 Greenhouse Program; and the Work in Progress of a current GH film 'Mr. Gay Syria' by Ayse Toprak & Ekin Çalışır from Turkey, who screened 10 minutes from their work in progress, and discussed with the audience the process of making their documentary.

The attending filmmakers, along with Greenhouse's Director Sigal Yehuda, held Q&A sessions at the end of each screening, during which they discussed the process of making their films as well as their experiences in Greenhouse and the impact the program has had on their films.