In the Name of the Brother

Youssef Ait Mansour, Morocco, 2013

My younger brother Mustapha disappeared for one years. He cut any contact with us, his family. We lived then in fear and distress. One evening, after his long absence, my mother received a phone call. He had settled down in the Madrasa Nahlia, a Koranic school of religious teaching in the mountains, 90 km from Marrakesh. We went to meet him, my mother and me.

Through a monologue in the form of a letter, from me to my brother, I will tell our story, evoking his absence whilst capturing childhood memories. I will observe his current life and recount the simplicity, austerity and serenity of the Madrasa Nahila.

Produced by:

 Le Moindre Gese Films, 2M Moroccan TV

Festivals and Awards:

 Andalusian Music Festival, Essaouira, 2016 

 Middle East Now Film Festival in Florence, Italy, 2013

 Special mention at the Religion Today Film Festival in Trento, Italy, 2013

 Broadcast on 2M, the Moroccan TV station, and reached 1.5 million viewers

Grants & Support:

 La résidence d'écriture de Safi

 La Ruche documentaire FidaDoc

In the Name of the Brother- Trailer
In the Name of the Brother / Youssef Ait Mansour
In the Name of the Brother / Youssef Ait Mansour