Hard Change

Badran Badran & Yoad Earon, Israel, 2017

Two young Palestinian brothers, Yichia (14-years-old) and Hamam (8-years-old), living in Tul Karem are forced to grow-up too fast, to give up going to school and children’s play and instead work as street beggars in Wadi Arah Israel to support their family. Hamam, the youngest, tries to avoid the hard work and play while his elder brother Yichia, dreams of a better future.

Produced by:

Yoad Earon

Festivas & Awards:

 Best Debut Film & Best Original Music Awards at the Documentary Competition of the Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum.

 Middle East Now Film Festival, 2017

World premiere for the new version, Cinematheque Tel Aviv, 2016 

   Docaviv Galilee Documentary Film Festival 2015

   Jerusalem International Film Festival, Israel, 2015


Gesher Multicultural Film Fund

The Israeli Second Authority for Television and Radio


   Mifal HaPayis


Hard Change - Trailer
Hard Change / Badran Badran & Yoad Earon
Hard Change / Badran Badran & Yoad Earon