Nazareth Cinema Lady

Nurit Jacobs Yinon, Israel, 2015

Safa Dabour, a religious Muslim from Nazareth, is struggling to fulfill her dream of establishing a cinematheque in Nazareth, the first and only one of its kind for the Arab population in Israel.Safa's father and husband die while she is still a young mother to two small boys. She chooses to take charge of her own fate and freedom and establishes the Cinematheque in an old building donated many years ago by Frank Sinatra to the Arab and Jewish children of Nazareth as a sign of friendship and peace. It was all downhill from there. 

The film accompanies its unwilling hero for a period of ten years: A Muslim in Nazareth, an Israeli in the eyes of Arab countries, an Arab in Israel, and mainly, a single woman in a man's world. Meanwhile, she seeks, against all odds, to create an island of culture in the society to which she belongs.

Veiled, she travels alone to bring Egyptian box-office hits, films from Iran and the Gulf States whose Arab distributors refuse to send to Israel – all screened alongside family films from the U.S, Europe and Israel.

The personal, professional and public highs and lows of Safa's life are depicted in vivid colors, and we are repeatedly witness to the fact that reality indeed exceeds all imagination. Occasionally it seems that her life's script belongs to the big screen and is engaged in a constant interchange with the films that she stubbornly insists on screening, at any cost.

This is a cinematic profile of a courageous woman whose path to freedom is interwoven with the battle for her own Cinematheque.

Produced by: 

Nurit Jacobs Yinon



 Middle East Now Film Festival, 2017

  Screening followed by Q&A seesion - JCC Manhattan 'Other Israel' Film Festival, 2016 

Winner of the Israeli Film Competition at the Epos International Art Film Festival 2016

 Mostra de Cinema Documental d'Israel (Israeli Docs), Barcelona - Spain 2016

International Haifa Film Festival, 2015