Karima Zoubir, Morocco, 2012

Camera/Woman tells the story of two wedding videographers in Casablanca and their struggle in contemporary Morocco against oppression. Khadija, a recent porcée, moves back home with her 11-year-old-son as she pursues a career filming weddings. Despite being the primary breadwinner for her parents and siblings, Khadija shames her family by choosing her career over the traditional gendered family value systems. The film additionally explores the paradoxical stigma that Khadija faces, given that Moroccan families now prefer women to film their daughters in the traditionally male-dominated wedding videographer profession, yet Khadija is condemned for staying out late at night to film the wedding parties. Despite the numerous challenges that confront Khadija as a working class Muslin woman, she embraces the camera as a liberating catalyst to profound change.

Produced by: 

 Karima Zoubir

Festivals and Awards:

 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, Durham, North Carolina, 2013

 DOXA Documentary Film Festival, Vancouver, 2013

 WorldView Award, IDFA Amsterdam, 2012

 Human Rights Award, International Documentary Festival, Agadir, Morocco

 NY/London Human Rights Watch Film Festivals, 2012


Camera/Woman - Trailer
Camera/Woman / Karima Zoubir
Camera/Woman / Karima Zoubir