The Dead Can't Vote

Sarra Abidi, Tunisia

Away from the revolutionary euphoria, the director returns to her hometown Gabes, both big city and symbol of the richness of the Tunisian South, to shoot fledgling democracy facing the problem of chemical pollution.

Produced by: 

 Amel Bouzid

Production Companies: 

 Synergy Production - Novak Prod


 During the 2012 Greenhouse final seminar and pitching forum, the film was awarded $5,000 Development Grant by Chicken & Egg Pictures

 Won the Best project Award at the International Film festival Visions Du Reel in Nyon, Switzerland

 A 10,000CHF award is in the frameworks of Vision Sud Est (Vision of the South), 2014

 Selected to take part in the Filmmaker/Industry meetings at the Tribeca Film Festival, 2014

 Jacob Burns Film Center (JBFC) - 2015 Artist in Residence Program

The Dead Can't Vote - Trailer
The Dead Can't Vote / Sarra Abidi
The Dead Can't Vote / Sarra Abidi