Brothers of Silence

Taylan Mintas, Turkey, 2017

Toso and Çao, are two successful and popular brothers, married to strong women, father to healthy children and grandchildren and live a fairly ‘ordinarily’ life despite the fact that they are both deaf. 'Brothers of Silence' follows these two ‘extra-ordinary’ men as they work and struggle to live and survive like all ‘normal’ men in rural Turkey. 

Produced By: 

 Erol Mintaş

Festivals & Awards:

 Theatrical release, 2018

 Special Mention at the Documentary and Short Film Competition at the Boston Turkish Film Festival, 2018

 Jury Award for the Best Kurdish Documentary at the Duhok Film Festival, 2017

  World Premiere at Istanbul Film Festival, 2017


 Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry-Cinema General Directorate

 Post-Production Grant from The New Film Fund in Turkey



Brothers of Silence - Trailer