Ohad Milstein, Israel, 2018

Water is the basic, necessary element of every known life form. We ourselves are made of water. Water means life and the lack of water unequivocally means death.
In the shadow of the Flood that took place thousands of years ago, four characters, floating between Heaven and Earth, are confronted with the drought of their land and with the changes of Nature.

Produced by: 

 Ohad Milstein


 DocAviv, 2018

 World Premiere at DOK.fest, 2018


 During the 2012 GH final seminar and pitching forum, the film was awarded a $5,000 Grant by the founder of Sumayoko Ltd

 Supported by The Rabinovitch Film Fund, Israel, 2014

 The Second Authority for Television and Radio

Flood, Ohad Milstein
Flood, Ohad Milstein
Flood - Trailer