Skies Above Hebron

Esther Hertog & Paul King, Israel, 2020

In the heart of Hebron, the only ones with complete freedom are the pigeons, who can soar above the fences and military checkpoints. Amer, Anas, and Marwaan, three Palestinian boys, are growing up with soldiers surveilling their homes and Israeli settlers watching them from the windows of nearby houses. The tension, hostility, and violent incidents have become routine, and a game of chasing pigeons on a rooftop can turn into a panicked escape from armed soldiers in a heartbeat. The film follows the boys for five formative years, during which they try to form identities and hopes for the future. What kind of childhood is this, where gunfire and death are commonplace? How do these kids cope with the pressure? And what kind of life do they dream of living?

Produced by:

 Esther Hertog & Paul King

 KeyDocs - Harmen Jalvingh & Janneke Doolaard

 Philippa Kowarsky

Festivals and Awards:

 IDFA 2020

 Docaviv 2021


 Netherlands Film Production Incentive

 IkonDocs - Margje de Koning

 Production Grant - Netherlands public Broadcasters (NPO)

 Dutch Film Fund - Research & Development fund


Through the Barricades - Trailer
Through the Barricades / Esther Hertog & Paul King
Through the Barricades / Esther Hertog & Paul King