The Greenhouse Development Program for Documentary Filmmakers from the Middle East and North Africa is a groundbreaking initiative positioned at the intersection of media, social change and peace-building. The program nurtures a diverse and sustainable community of young documentary filmmakers from across the Middle East and North Africa, helping them develop the skills necessary to create powerful films that advance a more just, democratic and peaceful region.


Since 2006 Greenhouse has been an international consortium comprised of The New Fund for Cinema & TV (Israel); Ankara Cinema Association (Turkey); the VOF Appel & Honigmann (The Netherlands); Bruni Burres (USA); and ESAV Marrakech - the Marrakech School of Visual Arts (Morocco).

Through their dynamic participation in this program combined with meaningful dialogue amongst participants, these emerging filmmakers complete the Greenhouse program, more equipped to becoming leading storytellers and artists in the region, as well as social change agents in their own communities.

Greenhouse filmmakers are not afraid to cast a critical eye on their own societies and cultures. Their films have tremendous potential for social engagement and lasting impact, and encompass diverse themes such as human rights, social justice and gender discrimination. A prominent example of the kind of films emerging from Greenhouse is Five Broken Cameras, the Palestinian-Israeli co-production focusing on the non-violent resistance movement in the West Bank. An extraordinary piece of cinema and social activism, the film won the 2013 International Emmy Award in the Documentary Category and was nominated for Best Documentary at the 2013 Academy Awards.